General description about our dinghy fleet.  [A dinghy (or dingey) is a type of small boat, often carried or towed for use as a ship’s boat by a larger vessel. It is a loanword from either Bengali or Urdu. Utility dinghies are usually rowboats or have an outboard motor, but some are rigged for sailing.]

Laser Dinghy FleetLaser

Originally known as the Laser, the ILCA (International Laser Class Association) dinghy is a single-handed racing dinghy. The two-part free-standing mast and sleeved sail make the boat easy to rig, and it can be launched and handled single-handed.

Crew number: 1
Boats in the fleet: 2


The Tasar is a 4.5 m high performance sailing dinghy, designed to be sailed and raced by a man and a women. A light weight, low drag, planing hull, a rotating mast, and a jib and fully battened mainsail with efficient sail controls provide exhilarating sailing without the need for spinnaker or trapeze.

Crew number: 2
Boats in the fleet: 1


Designed in 1954 by Uffa Fox, the Albacore is a classic sailing dinghy. The boat planes at wind speed over 10 knots, offering exhilarating rides. Comfortable for two adult day sailors, the boat is perfect for learning. The crew trims the jib sail, while the helm handles the main sail and tiller steering.

Crew number: 2
Boats in the fleet: 1