Discovery Sailing Club is a member-owned and operated cooperative sailing club located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our fleet operates out of the Jericho Sailing Centre and Burrard Civic Marina. Membership is open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

DSC is a great fit for all types of people!

What to expect when joining the club
Meet with a friendly club member who will show you around the club and the fleet.
Sail with an experienced club member who will help you develop your skills.
Participate in social events and work parties where you can meet new friends while learning about the operation and maintenance of various craft.

Members quotes

“Joining Discovery Sailing club has been a no brainer. I meet with super friendly and experienced club members, they showed me my way around the club and went out sailing with a senior member for a test. And off I was sailing. My teenage boys were also welcome, and the family membership affordable. A night and day experience, in comparison to other club who were either 19+ only, or/and were requiring me to take expensive training course despite my extensive experience” –Alain

“I had never used a sailboat in my life, but I had always wanted to learn. I joined DSC and within less than a month I had been out on the water twice with a more experienced club member and I was signing up for a class. By the end of the season I was able to skipper a dinghy and the kayaks on my own!” –Layla

“I had just completed my basic training in keelboat cruising and I was looking for an affordable way to build my sailing skills and get out on the water. DSC proved the easiest and best-priced way to skipper a keelboat, with the added bonus that the club has become a great social outlet and community for me!” –Ben

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